B u s i n e s s   B o o t c a m p


DO YOU LOVE making people feel better through Reflexology but don't know where to start when it comes to running a business OR you started your business but now are stuck ...

Maybe these thoughts have swirled around in your head on more than one occasion:

  • How do I even get clients?
  • What if I don't get any clients?
  • How do I keep my clients coming back?
  • What do I charge for my sessions? Is it too much? Not enough?
  • How do I market myself without spending a ton of money?
  • What kind of promotional tools do I need?
  • What was I thinking? Me in business?

It can seem all too overwhelming and may even keep you hiding your gift that you are here to share with the world!

First: Put your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Second: Keep reading. You are in good hands (pun intended!).

The CRS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is: An exclusive training program for professional reflexologists and wellness practitioners who want to build a successful business that they love, doing what they are passionate about – helping people!


At one point I was just like you – I was starting off.

I had a Kinesiology degree, not a business degree. I had the same questions you have (and there was no internet back then!).

But I loved the magic of Reflexology and I made it work.

There was a lot of trial and error ... a few tears. I doubted myself. Other people doubted me (some were family). There were times I wasn't sure what I was doing but I kept moving forward one step at a time. Fast forward to today, and my business is more successful than I ever dreamt it would be.

I get to do what I love. And make a positive difference with the work I do. When someone tells me how great they feel after I have provided them with a reflexology session or when a practitioner excitedly tells me she followed our business building strategies and their days are filling up with clients ... I wouldn't trade it for anything. With that said I'll be honest with you, for this to work it will take your heart, your focus, your dedication, and your energy to be all in!

What I know for sure is it is possible. And the rewards are so worth your effort.

The CRS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is a dynamic 6-week program filled with highly-effective tips, tools and strategies to take your business to the next level.

On our weekly group calls you will receive step-by-step guidance to building the successful business of your dreams; each call ends with a lightening round of burning questions initiated by the group. You can connect with other participants in our private Facebook group where you can collaborate and cheer each other on. Audio recordings of our calls along with an action plan for each week will be posted in a special website set up for participants during the program.

Here is what you will learn:

As a business owner you make a lot of decisions on a daily basis and those decision are always going to reflect your mindset around money. Growing your money mindset is the single most important component to growing your business.
  • Identify your money mindset.
  • Clarify your session rate.
  • Explore different ways you can generate revenue as a business owner.
Clients are the life force of your business and are necessary for your long term success. Discover:
  • Why your story is important to your clients.
  • How to define your ideal client ... so they find you!
  • The secret of booking and rebooking your clients. *Bonus scripts included*.
The purpose of your promotional tools is to get the potential client to call YOU. There is so much to share that this is a two-part call!
  • Promotional Material – what you need, what you don't.
  • The ins and outs of free publicity vs. paid.
  • Discover the power of gift certificates and when to use special offers.
  • Why creating strategic alliances and community partnerships can be a powerful win – win for your business.
  • Client Newsletters – how and why.
  • Tradeshow tips to take you to the Top.
Can't live with it and can't live without it. Let's make peace with it and what part it plays in our business success.
  • Social Media, rules and guidelines.
  • Facebook made easy.
  • Websites, the basics.
  • Email etiquette.
  • Online booking services.
  • And more ...
Organization is a key component to your business success to keep overwhelm at bay and have you working at the top of your game.
  • Systems to put in place so you are a well-oiled machine.
  • Who do you need on your team?
  • The importance of self-care ... how, when, why.
When the foundational business skills are correctly implemented your business can thrive, and you can share your gift of healing and entire communities can be positively impacted! The CRS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP provides everything you need to know to have a thriving practice.