B u s i n e s s   C o a c h i n g

Coaching for Success

WHETHER YOU ARE just starting your business or have an established practice a coach helps shorten your learning curve and shows you the steps to move your business forward and achieve success faster. Not just any coach but one that understands and is immersed in the wellness industry, one that has been there and knows what it takes to create and sustain a highly successful business in the wellness industry.

You are ready for our Coaching for Success Program if you are a person who:

  • Is ready to start, grow or niche your business
  • Wants to attract more clients and earn more money
  • Is looking for new ways to develop your practice and bottom line
  • Is ready to retire or slowdown from your practice and needs an exit strategy

Working with a coach who has achieved success and guides you every step of the way is the easiest, fastest and most empowering way to start earning an income doing what you love.

If you are just starting your business then ...

Biz 101 is for you!
We offer a step-by-step blueprint that will cover the basics
of getting your business up and running including:
  • Your Goals
  • Insurance, Business Licence, Basic Equipment
  • Session fees
  • How to turn your case studies into paying clients
  • Pros & Cons of home office, renting space, mobile or working for someone else
  • Setting up your office for Succe$$
  • Business cards, brochures & promotional material
  • Time management
  • Clients – niche markets
  • ... And Much More!

Sessions will be conducted weekly or bi-weekly
by telephone or Skype

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If you have established your business and are ready for greater results then ...

Biz 201 is for you!
We will look at what is working and what is not and replace it with tried and tested strategizes that work. If you are ready to go from where you are now to where you want to be this is for you. We will build a personalized step-by-step blueprint for you that may include:
  • Website – do you need one, do you have one, how is it being utilized
  • Your business card, brochure & promotional materials
  • How to get powerful results with Gift Certificates
  • Marketing – promotions, referrals, customer loyalty
  • Providing Lectures and Workshops
  • On-site services in the workplace
  • Identifying niche markets
  • ... And Much More!

Sessions will be conducted weekly or bi-weekly
by telephone or Skype

Click here to schedule your 30 minute complimentary call

If you want to make a living in the wellness industry, doing what you love, our personalized coaching and proven business success system can help you create the practice you have always dreamt of.

If you are ready to have a successful business in the wellness industry then now is your time to capitalize on the experience of a business coach who partners with you to maximize the investment you have made in your holistic health education.

Contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation. We will show you how coaching will transform your business and help you achieve your professional goals!

Work with Alison!

Imagine having a top business, health and wellness professional in the industry as your coach; someone who has built three successful businesses within the wellness industry, and, most importantly, a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life doing what she loves.

For over 20 years I have been blessed to be able to follow my passion – having a private practice, teaching and owning my own school, lecturing and leading workshops at national events and pioneering the concept of on-site reflexology. Having experienced the rewards of affecting change with thousands of lives through my work, I am ready to pay it forward by sharing my knowledge, experience and business strategies so you too can pursue your passion. Every secret is shared! As part of my experience in the wellness industry, I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of practitioners in the steps to becoming more successful. Is it your turn?