E a r   R e f l e x o l o g y   C o u r s e

Lend me your ears
  and I'll teach you a powerful therapy!

WHEN I BECAME a reflexologist 25 years ago, I thought foot reflexology was all there was to reflexology, but then I discovered there was more!

And just like you, I too was eager to learn new skills to help my clients and knew I needed to lay a deeper foundation through continuing education.

I started with ear reflexology, I had heard of hand but ear? Really?

I was fascinated and truth be told, it's one of my favourite forms of reflexology – it's unique, easy to learn and provides rapid results.

This training provided me with an essential foundation that was paramount to my success as a reflexologist as it allowed me to understand reflexology at a deeper level and offer a full spectrum experience to my clients.

What I know for sure is continuing education keeps you on top of your game, increases your credibility in your community and ensures you are bringing the best to your clients.

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