P r a c t i c a l   C l a s s r o o m   C o m p o n e n t

WHEN STUDENTS HAVE COMPLETED the home study theory requirements and have passed the open book written exam they will then qualify for the comprehensive practical classroom training. Students can choose a date that suits their schedule based on the dates listed below. Preparations and expections for attendance at the practical classroom training can be found in the student manual. In addition a practical overview call with the student is conducted to answer any questions and review the necessary preparations.

Choose from dates listed below based on the program you’re enrolled in.

Foot Reflexology Diploma  25 hour practical classroom training
2018   April 5,6,7,8 
  April 5         9–6 pm
  April 6         9–6 pm
  April 7         9–6 pm
  April 8         9–5 pm
2018   October 11,12,13,14 
  October 11         9–6 pm
  October 12         9–6 pm
  October 13         9–6 pm
  October 14         9–5 pm

Ear Reflexology Course  10 hour practical classroom training
2018   TBA  9–5 pm

Hand Reflexology Diploma  10 hour practical classroom training
2018   TBA  9-5 pm