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Alison Rippin, B.P.E., CR
Owner & Founder of the Canadian Reflexology School

ALISON has been involved with Reflexology and complementary health for over 20 years which began when she personally experience the profound health benefits of Reflexology.

Alison went on to study Reflexology and teach Reflexology certification courses with the Reflexology Association of Canada for 14 years. Due to her deep commitment to the field Alison was approached to sit on the Board of Directors where she spent 5 years with another 3 years on a transition committee.

During this time she:

  • developed course materials
  • published newsletters
  • organized conferences and seminars
  • developed their website
  • promoted Reflexology at events
  • was a working member on the educational committee
  • was the Chair of the Advertising, Marketing & PR committee

From Alison's experience with this organization she discovered what students really need and want to be successful practitioners and business owners, bringing this information forward to her curriculum when she opened the Canadian Reflexology School.

Alison's experience includes:

  • mentoring other teachers
  • teaching locally & internationally
  • pioneering workplace Reflexology
  • first teacher in Western Canada to teach Reflexology at universities & colleges
  • 15 year member of the International Council of Reflexologists
  • sought after speaker and teacher facilitating lectures & workshops
  • Television and radio appearances and print media promoting Reflexology
  • a member of the International Council of Reflexologists for 15 years
  • international conferences and seminars increasing her knowledge/understanding
  • over 25 years in sport giving her a deeper appreciation and understanding of the capabilities of the human body which she shares with her students

As the owner of the Canadian Reflexology School, Alison is dedicated to providing innovative programs that help her students achieve their goals faster. She is committed to improving the quality of her students learning experience and the professionalism of the industry. Alison is passionate about everything she undertakes and believes in honesty, integrity and professionalism in business.

Alison and her team look forward to welcoming you to their school community.