ABOUT US, and our approach

Hi! I’m Alison Rippin. I have been guiding students and practitioners to living a life of purpose and fulfillment while earning a living doing what they truly love and are here to do! 

I have been involved with Reflexology and complementary health for over 25 years which began when I personally experienced the profound health benefits of Reflexology.

I went on to study and become certified in Reflexology and for 14 years taught Reflexology certification courses with the non-profit school, Reflexology Association of Canada. With a deep commitment to the industry, I sat on their Board of Directors for 5 years and served on a transition committee for an additional 3 years.

During that time I fully immersed myself in bringing Reflexology to life at a national level:
• Developing course materials
• Publishing newsletters
• Developing their website
• Organizing conferences and seminars
• Promoting Reflexology at events
• Serving as a working member on the educational committee
• Chairing of the Advertising, Marketing & PR committee


With my passion for Reflexology and a commitment to what students really wanted and needed to be successful practitioners and business owners, I put my experience to work creating a powerful comprehensive curriculum and opened the Canadian Reflexology School in 2008.

I have created and continue to enjoy a multitude of opportunities that allow me to bring Reflexology to a wider audience. The highlights of my extensive body of work include:

  • Teaching locally & internationally
  • Pioneering workplace Reflexology
  • Running a successful reflexology practice
  • Being the first teacher in Western Canada to have Reflexology accepted and taught at universities & colleges
  • Mentoring other teachers
  • Being a sought after speaker and teacher facilitating lectures & workshops including:
    2016 Reflexology Association of American National Conference
    2019 International Council for Reflexologists International Conference
  • Television and radio appearances and print media promoting Reflexology
  • A member of the International Council of Reflexologists since 1995
  • Attending international conferences and seminars increasing my knowledge, understanding and application of reflexology
  • Over 25 years in sports giving me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the capabilities of the human body which I love sharing with my students

As the owner and founder of the Canadian Reflexology School

I have seen amazing benefits with 1000’s of my reflexology clients, in addition to witnessing life altering transformation with over 1200 CRS Reflexology students.

I am dedicated to providing innovative programs that help my students achieve their goals faster. My commitment to delivering a high quality student learning experience and elevating the professionalism of the industry is paramount. My belief in integrity, honesty and professionalism in business is the hallmark at CRS. I love my work, and am excited to share it with you!

AND, in my spare time you can find me hiking with my family and Labrador Retrievers, watching my daughter play ice hockey, or sitting on a beach reading and drinking bubble tea!

My Philosophy

I believe learning should be fun, easy and stress free! I am committed to providing leading edge and transformational, educational experiences.
I am dedicated to providing innovative programs that help my students achieve their goals faster which ensure our students success as a professional reflexologist.

I promote community and collaboration of like-minded people, an important component woven into our school culture.

What I know for sure is that everyone has a gift to share. At CRS my team and I are here to educate and empower you while providing the tools and strategies you need to help people and make a big difference … and most important, earn an income doing something you love.

I am here to help.

The Canadian Reflexology School Team


Team Leader

Catherine has been a professional reflexologist since 2011 and has trained in Foot, Ear and Hand Reflexology, reaching what I call the coveted “Triple Crown” status.

She also is a practicing Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2006 and was a part of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Victoria, teaching staff for one year, until she moved from the area. Integrating reflexology into her massage practice has given Catherine another tool and is allowing her to impact clients on a deeper level.


Team Leader

Esther, having trained in Foot, Ear and Hand Reflexology and reached the sought after “Triple Crown” status, has been a professional reflexologist since 2011.

When Esther graduated the Foot Reflexology program she started a mobile reflexology business. One year later she moved into a Skincare and Medical spa where she has built a solid successful business where you can find her 5 days a week!

Our Team Leaders can be found supporting and instructing our students in the classroom and in our online platforms.


What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a science and art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears.  The feet, hands and ears are microcosms of the body, reflecting the entire body – all glands and organs.

By applying pressure with specific thumb and finger techniques, Reflexology will reduce tension, promote relaxation, increase circulation and bring the body back to balance.

Reflexology versus Foot Massage

Reflexology is often termed by clients or the general public as a foot massage or a “foot rub”.  It is NOT a foot massage. Massage is the palpation of soft tissue and muscle whereas Reflexology is the stimulation of nerve pathways. 

There is no doubt a good foot massage will relax  the body but the specific thumb and finger techniques used by a professionally trained Reflexologist involves a more direct application to the sensory nerves.

The Benefits from a Reflexology session

  1. Reduces tension, stress and anxiety (70-80% of illness is relates to stress)
  2. Promotes relaxation
  3. Increases circulation
    • Blood – aid in the elimination of excessive waste products in the body
    • Lymphatic – assists in boosting the immune system
  4. Returns the body systems back to balance and maintains an overall sense of wellbeing