Canadian Reflexology School is dedicated to delivering educational excellence to students who are interested in embracing their goals of working in the wellness industry. Below are our current courses:

Foot Reflexology Diploma Program

Ready for the next chapter in your life?

So imagine for a moment…
waking up in the morning excited to go to work, doing the work you love and making a real difference in peoples lives. Now what if that moment was your life….every day? And reflexology was the way?

Continuing Education

Ear Reflexology Course.

This training will provided you with an essential foundation that will be paramount to your success as a reflexologist as it allows you to understand reflexology at a deeper level and offer a full spectrum experience to your clients.

Continuing Education

Hand Reflexology Course.

Hand Reflexology is a dynamic way to work on your clients anywhere, anytime and easily provide self-help acu-points to further empower your clients in between sessions.

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