Ear Reflexology Course

by Alison Rippin

The only step-by-step online program of its kind that shows you exactly how to provide Ear Reflexology to your clients, while teaching you how to promote your new offering to impact more lives and increase your revenue.

Before I tell you all about this course, let’s
talk about who this is really for…

Our online Ear Reflexology Course is for reflexology practitioners with big hearts, like you. You want to help everyone you see who may be suffering. You want your clients to see faster results and you are ready for a new powerful therapy that can do just that.

Whether you’re a practitioner who…


Is eager to learn new skills to help your clients faster and grow your practice


Wants to provide a unique offering that will have you stand out from the crowd


Has clients that tell you they feel “off balance” but can’t clearly put it into words, and you aren’t quite sure how to help them


Loves learning and wants to confidently implement various reflexology modalities in their practice

You’re in the right place!

Our internationally acclaimed Ear Reflexology Course will give you the skills and tools to help your clients faster, and the inspiration and strategies to increase your business.

Let me show you how… keep scrolling my friend!

By the end of this self-directed course, you will have:


Learned the location, application, and imbalances related to the 90 International Standard Auricular Points


Acquired a clear understanding of the map of the ear and how it corresponds to the body


Developed your ear inspection “superpower” skills that allow you to know what the spots, dots, and freckles mean in relation to your client’s health


Practiced an Ear Reflexology session and experienced the powerful benefits firsthand


Announced your new offering so clients are ready to book the moment you begin providing Ear Reflexology sessions in your practice


Implemented business strategies to increase your revenue and help more clients

But above all else…

You’ll feel confident and fully prepared to integrate Ear Reflexology into your practice effectively and profitably.

How does our Ear Reflexology Course compare?

Your time is precious!
You want to help your clients faster and grow your business at the same time.

So don’t settle for anything less than the best!

CRS course comparison chart
CRS Compare Chart - Mobile

I came across Alison’s Ear Reflexology Course by accident – and it turned out to be a happy discovery. I am already helping clients remotely… the people who have tried it are really impressed and really relaxed. Alison is a fantastic tutor, the multimedia presentations and the manual are excellent. A professional course for professional reflexologists.

Izabel, UK

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Student Success Stories

Loving The Fast, Effective Results

Loved this course and the amazing results I am seeing. Well-structured with clear instructions. I am loving the fast, effective results I am getting with clients as I integrate Ear Reflexology into my treatments! Thank you, Alison.

Louise, Australia

Amazing Results!

I had amazing results with several ladies who had stress headaches – gone immediately!

Kelly, Canada

Pain Relief Like No Other

Pain relief for my clients like no other reflexology method – feet or hands!

Marionna, USA

Definitely Increases Business

Ear Reflexology has been extremely beneficial, and definitely increases business as it is unique and not being offered near me. The course is well written, informative, easy to follow, and Alison is extremely knowledgeable.

Pamela, USA

This Online Course Got It Right!

Loved the course – I’m really pleased I signed up for it. Some online courses don’t get it right – this one did!

Rachel, UK

No More Migraines

I used to get migraines every few weeks, I applied the seeds to the migraine point and even after taking them off I have not had pain for months.

Fiona, Malta

What’s Inside Our Self-Directed Ear Reflexology Course

Foundational Theory

  • Learn the fundamentals necessary to practice Ear Reflexology
  • Discover why the World Health Organization (WHO) deems Ear Reflexology a safe and effective therapy in treating so many varied disorders

Auricular Anatomy

  • Uncover the amazing information packed in this small body part that will help you completely understand the map of the body on the ear

Auricular Inspection

  • Learn how the spots, dots and freckles on your client’s ears are important clues to their current health
  • Develop your ear inspection “superpower” skills, once you learn this one skill you will never look at the ear the same again

Auricular Points

  • Learn the location and application of 90 points standardized by the World Health Organization
  • Discover the imbalances related to these auricular points and how the ear only indicates what is going on in the body TODAY!

Auricular Session Sequence

  • Learn a therapeutic Ear Reflexology sequence that produces a quick response
  • Learn how to confidently document visual and physical changes on your client’s ears

Auricular Points for Common Conditions

  • Determine which auricular points to focus on for various imbalances such as, neck/back issues, stress, sleep troubles and ear issues, just to name a few

Video Library

  • Discover 15+ videos providing how to instructions
  • Easily connect the theoretical with the practical application

Certificate of Completion

  • Once you have finished the content a Certificate of Completion is awarded

Course Access

  • You will have access to our online course for a full 6 months and can review the content as often as you want during this time

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Get Faster Results With Your Clients and Business

Bonus 1

Explore Auricular Taping

  • Learn how to effectively use ear seed/pellets with your clients
  • Empowering your clients with self-help tools will keep your services top of mind and keeps them coming back for more of what you have to offer 

Bonus 2

Powerful Practice Sessions

  • Enjoy a guided Ear Reflexology session in our quarterly interactive group call – with me!
  • Experience the benefits of a session, and see how you could also provide online Ear Reflexology sessions
  • A recording will be available if you are unable to attend

Bonus 3

Business Marketing Strategies

  • Learn proven marketing strategies designed to grow your business with your new session offering

  • Develop a promotional road map to increase your revenue and help more clients


Once registered, you’ll get immediate access to the course


You’ll have access to the course for a full 6 months and can review the content as often as you want during this time

Here’s what you get when you enrol:

Downloadable Manual

170+ pages
Reference at your fingertips
Color-coded Ear Chart

Video Library

15+ videos
Visual instructions to connect the theory to the practical

Step-by-Step Action Plan

Easy to follow and implement


Explore Auricular Taping Including instructions and a how-to video


Powerful Practice Sessions
A quarterly interactive group call – with me!


Business Marketing Strategies
Tried and tested promotional tools

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Questions Your Fellow Reflexologists Asked Before Enrolling

Are there any pre-requisites to taking the course?

The Canadian Reflexology School Online Ear Reflexology Course is an international continuing education program with the intention of advancing the studies and skills of those that are working in the wellness industry practicing a touch therapy such as reflexology, massage, acupressure, other forms of bodywork or working in the healthcare/medical field.

Prior to registering for this course students must have knowledge and basic training in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, health record/session documentation, ethics as well as palpation skills.

When does the course start?

RIGHT NOW!  Once you register you will get access to the course and can start right away.

How many hours a week do I need to commit to the course?

Our Ear Reflexology Course is a self-paced implementation program. This course was created to be flexible and convenient, which means you can work as many or as little hours as your schedule allows.

My suggested guideline would be 60-90 minutes per week reading the content and watching the videos, which could have you finish the course in 6 weeks or less. You see, learning isn’t about memorizing, it’s about implementation.

Here’s the thing… I designed this course for you to help your clients faster and grow your business with Ear Reflexology. And the sooner you can start seeing results with your clients, and your business, the more you’ll want to keep moving through the content!

Honestly, finding time to learn something new isn’t difficult when you are getting amazing results!

When are the Practical Sessions?

I will be hosting quarterly interactive Practical Sessions via Zoom. Student’s will receive an email notification with all the details.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have access to the course for a full 6 months and can review the content as often as you want during this time.

Can I share access to this course with my colleagues etc.?

NO! Shared Access is strictly PROHIBITED. If our software detects shared access, you will be denied further access to the material and no refund will be provided.

I ask that you respect and honour the hours of work that have gone into creating this course by myself and my team to enable reflexologists worldwide to learn a new modality.

Do I need access to the internet?

Yes! Our program is hosted on our online learning platform where you will need to login to access the information. Our Practical Sessions will be held over Zoom.

What is the payment method?

The course fee is in Canadian dollars and will be converted to your currency via your payment method. (Currency converter).

Do you have a refund policy?

As soon as you purchase our Ear Reflexology Course you get immediate access to the course and can print the manual and resources for your use, for that reason we do not provide a refund.

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Hi! I’m Alison Rippin, reflexologist, teacher, school owner, author and business strategist. I specialize in supporting reflexologists worldwide to make a bigger impact doing the work they love, through innovative programs and products.

I have been teaching Ear Reflexology since 1999 and created an international buzz in 2018 when I first offered our course online for reflexologists to access from around the world; and now our program has served reflexologists in over 16 countries … and counting.

I have intentionally crafted an exceptional educational experience that supports your learning and business growth.

I’m eager to share with you one of my favourite forms of reflexology – Ear Reflexology is unique, easy to learn and provides rapid results.  A reflexologist’s dream!

I look forward to welcoming you to our Ear Reflexology Course.

What are you waiting for?




Have a question that isn’t covered above in the FAQ?
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