Foot Reflexology diploma program

Why Become a Reflexologist?

One-on-one interaction is what is so needed in the world right now and the role of a Reflexologist does just that while building heart connections that aid the reflexology process. Imagine holding sacred space for wellbeing and supporting your client’s healing journey. It’s magical!

Benefits of Being a Reflexologist?

Being your own boss, creating a schedule that accommodates your priorities, serving the needs of people you want to invest your time and energy in, and earning an income you desire … all while doing meaningful work that aligns with your heart. Now that’s being on purpose!

Why train with CRS?

We deliver what our students really need and want to be successful practitioners and business owners: comprehensive reflexology and business development training designed to provide a unique, personalized learning experience. Our program delivers tools and strategies that transform your passion into a career.

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The world is a pretty intense place right now. I know you want to find a way to help and at the same time make a living doing something you feel would make a difference to those around you.

I hear you! I can help!

Ask yourself these questions:
Are you tired of watching those around you suffer with illness or disease?
Does it frustrate and sadden you to see loved ones in pain?
Do you notice everywhere you go people are stressed?
Are you tired of helping others grow their business?
Is your workplace becoming too toxic for you?
Are you ready for your “forever” career?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then NOW is the time for you to step forward, learn a new valuable and effective skill, and share your gifts with the world.

Learning Foot Reflexology can be a great first step towards starting your own business in the wellness industry and a wonderful additional skill for spa or health care practitioners, foot care nurses, estheticians, or massage therapists. It is a simple, effective and powerful therapy that anyone can learn.

I know life is busy and can sometimes keep us from reaching our goals. Here at the Canadian Reflexology School I believe in solutions and design strategies and programs that allow for successful outcomes in these hectic and changing times!

Twenty plus years of instruction combined with feedback from over 1200 students has led me to create a more convenient way to achieve your goal of becoming a Professional Reflexologist.

I offer an innovative program experience that is not your average school experience … because who wants average results!

Let’s be honest, who wants to sit in a classroom with a teacher talking at you all day long, reading you the course material? We’ve all been there, done that and what I know for sure is that’s not student or success centered learning.

There is an easier way – The CRS Way – that gets better results while accommodating all the dynamics that make up your life!

Partnering with you from day one I deliver a fully supported program providing a powerful skill-set that produces the highest success rate for our students, ensuring you can pursue your Reflexology passion and positively impact your community.

Every single step of our curriculum is intentionally designed for maximum results and business success.

Canadian Reflexology School is dedicated to delivering educational excellence to students who are interested in embracing their goals of working in the wellness industry.

This 300-hour Foot Reflexology Diploma Program is an ideal mix that includes:

Home study theory component

This part of the program allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.  Enjoy the flexibility and freedom that fits with your schedule and know that we are with you every step of the way, staying in partnership and closely connected, to ensure you meet your timeline.  

One-time comprehensive 4-day Practical classroom training

The Practical component is the powerful catalyst to our student’s success and nothing like you have ever experience before: our students call it a “Reflexology Retreat for the Sole”.  With an immersion style format, the learning goes deeper and faster than any other classroom style, trust me! I have taught a variety of formats and have specifically designed this one because I love the immediate transformation and new found confidence our students experience!

Independent case study segment

Here’s when you begin to make your positive impact in your community, put your knowledge to work and gain traction.  Your case study component will be completed in your community in combination with personalized business building strategies that will have you client ready and confident the moment you graduate.

Business Essentials

How to practice reflexology is one thing but having a profitable business is definitely another thing!

The business essentials I teach are the most unique element of the program. It’s what sets our program apart from the rest and puts you on the leading edge. Throughout the program I’ll be building your business muscles with real world business strategies so you have the biggest impact right out of the gate, doing the work you love.

AND, upon successful completion of examinations, assignments and case studies, students are awarded a nationally and internationally recognized DIPLOMA IN FOOT REFLEXOLOGY from the Canadian Reflexology School. Frame it, hang it and allow it to shout out your success and readiness to serve others in positive and purposeful ways.

Explore Your Possibilities
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It’s natural to want to know the details, so feel free to dig into everything that is included and learn how it works!

Professional Reflexology Training is ideal for you if…

Enjoy a soul satisfying career where you marry your healing skills and passion to making a positive impact in people’s lives at the core of where it really matters.

Build your own reflexology practice to fit your schedule. You can choose part-time or full-time, practicing in integrative wellness centers, spas, yoga studios, gyms, footcare clinics, seniors’ centers, corporate onsite, natural food stores, your own private practice … and more.

You can begin filling your practice with paying clients right after receiving your CRS Diploma. Graduates can easily earn $75+ per hour for their individual reflexology sessions

Benefits of Being a Professional Reflexologist

Work that aligns with your heart

Pursue your passion and build a practice doing meaningful work that really helps others!

Be your own boss

Create your own schedule and choose when and where you will see clients!

Discover financial freedom

Create a healthy source of income – full time or part time, you choose!

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It’s normal to have a few questions. Check out the ones I hear most frequently here!

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