Foot Reflexology Diploma Program
Frequently Asked Question’s

It’s normal to have questions as you make the important decision to invest in your future in a new way.

Canadian Reflexology School is fully committed to transparency and standing in service to, and partnership with, YOU, as you navigate the maze of Foot Reflexology courses available.

With so many course choices out there, here are answers to frequently asked questions and inside information you will want to know to make the right decision for you.

Is this program only available to Canadians?

NO! While the name is Canadian Reflexology School, due to the innovative learning style of the program, students are global, including the US, Mexico, Europe, Saudi Arabia and every province and territory of Canada. I welcome students worldwide.

Is reflexology regulated in Canada?

NO! Reflexology is NOT regulated federally or provincially nor is there any regulating reflexology body or 3rd party association in Canada (even though different school/program names may cause confusion to the contrary). This is common among many complementary therapies.

The Canadian Reflexology School is registered with the federal government and is recognized as a school that offers career education training, which allows an educational tax credit receipt to be provide to students. The program offers the most amount of reflexology training hours in Canada, setting students for professional success; the diploma awarded to graduates is recognized nationally and internationally. 

My fingers are on the pulse and I can easily guide you regarding regulations in other countries!

How much time do I need to complete the program?

I know you’re busy and that is why I have designed the program to be convenient and flexible. In your orientation module I provide you with a variety of options (and tricks ‘n tips) for when and how to study so that you can complete the program and begin your practice within seven months to one year of enrolling. I recommend to initially set aside 2 hours a week which can be broken up into chunks; we discuss a strategy that is right for YOU to keep you on task and moving towards your goals. Students often tell us once they start studying they are so engrossed in the material they can’t put it down!

What do I need to know about the Foot Reflexology Diploma program?

The CRS Foot Reflexology Diploma program is a four-tier curriculum

The theory component of the program utilizes a personalized home study plan that includes physical textbooks, in addition to the CRS exclusive student website which offers all sorts of extra resources for students. This flexible and convenient program makes it easy to be successful. I’ll even show you how!

The comprehensive one-time only Practical classroom is taught over 4 days in beautiful Victoria, BC, known for its healing and artistic communities. The program is offered several times a year. I believe true learning is a hands-on experience! 

The case study work marries the theoretical and classroom experience allowing students to gain real traction in developing their observation, listening and questioning skills. A deeper understanding of the hands on application in relation to the benefits gained by their clients all while applying the business principles that will lead to success upon graduation.

The program has an extensive industry specific business section providing the foundational skills of running a successful business to ensure your financial success as a reflexology practitioner. I intentionally peppered practical business strategies and tools through every component of the program.

What do I need to know about the Practical component of the program?

Students have traveled from across the country, as well as internationally, to attend the highly regarded Practical component of the program. That said, let me tell you a little about our mandatory Practical – reflexology is a hands on therapy, and, in my experience, cannot be taught any other way. When students immerse themselves with a room full of like-minded students, their learning is accelerated from the experience, excitement and energy in a room teeming with potential and taught by highly trained educators successful in the industry. 

Trust me when I say the Practical is the catalyst to our student’s success!

Where do I find work once I finish the CRS course?

Once you receive your CRS Foot Reflexology diploma the sky is the limit!

You can work:

  • out of your home office
  • at a rented office space
  • offering a mobile service
  • in a multi-disciplinary practice
  • at a spa

The program has an extensive industry specific business section. In addition, several business coaching programs are offered to get you up and running as quickly as possible in a way that suits you best!

What sets CRS apart from other reflexology schools?

CRS is not your traditional reflexology school! I take an innovative approach to teaching students and I continue to lead the way in delivering educational content in a way students can easily consume it. I also know learning the therapy is only one part of the equation, the other is learning how to successfully launch a meaningful career, and no other school does it better than CRS.  I know that’s a bold statement however being successful in the industry for 25 years backs up that truth.

And by “being successful in the industry” I mean operating a full time clinic, pioneering onsite reflexology in corporate companies and special events, raising the public’s awareness of reflexology – before the internet, owning a school and lecturing on business at International conferences.

While I am passionate about reflexology, I am equally passionate about the business of reflexology and helping reflexologists operate a successful practice so more people in the world can be impacted by the benefits of reflexology.

I feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect the integrity and professionalism of the industry. For this reason I have compiled the critical elements that I feel Reflexology training programs must include:

Federal Government recognition career training

While each particular school may feel strongly that its program is beneficial, it’s important that the federal government recognizes the program as career training, increasing the credibility of the profession.

Recognition for Practitioner Malpractice and Liability training

Not all schools have enough training hours to ensure their students will get coverage.  This insurance coverage is an essential component to your business and the CRS program has you covered.

A four-tier curriculum:
Theoretical – laying a solid foundation where various key subject matters are covered to ensure a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills to move forward in the industry.

Practical Classroom – a comprehensive in-person hands-on component guided by expert teachers.

Case Study Work – the component that deepens observation, listening and questioning skills that marry the theory and practical for a real world experience.

Skilled Instructors

It’s important to learn from teachers who have proven success in the industry and share how-to and hands-on practical knowledge including successful tried and tested business strategies.

A track record of success
Ultimately, the value of any particular Reflexology Diploma is determined by the quality of work of the graduates who use it, and by the improvement in the lives of their clients. I stand by the work our graduates do and how they are influencing positive changes both in the wellness industry and in their own lives.
I’m proud of the profession I’ve worked in for 25 years and encourage you to be a part of it.  However, I urge you to carefully examine and evaluate any school before committing your valuable time, effort, and money.

Why is CRS worth my investment?

I’m confident that the in-depth approach to reflexology and business training is well worth the investment. To be completely honest, you get what you pay for.  I’ve been around the block and seen it all.  I’ve been training people to be reflexologists since 1995 and for 25 years I continue to relevantly transform students’ learning experiences, allowing graduates the most training, so they are better equipped and can start making a difference sooner. No other program can say that.

I allow a full year to complete the program, though most of our students don’t need it. I am with you every step of the way, tracking your success. While I am the head teacher you will also be taught by our amazing instructors who are experts in the field, deepening your learning as you have access to more than just one teacher on your journey; you will be supported by incredible peers and CRS graduates where you will experience collaboration and community, a hallmark to the program.

The decision is yours, but you won’t find training like this anywhere else. I know! I did the research before I started this school and continue to actively stay on the leading edge!

What requirements do I have to meet to enroll?

Be Curious, Committed, Coachable, and Open to Positive Possibilities.

Be over 19 years of age, have a good command of the English language (oral & written).

A commitment to health and wellness and making a difference in the lives of other’s with reflexology, and, making a difference in your own life by changing careers or just adding this lucrative practice to your current career choice/priorities.

Is reflexology covered by insurance?

Yes, reflexology is covered by a number of insurance companies in Canada; clients will need to check their insurance plans. An in-depth discussion with students includes insurance coverage options available, along with recommendations that all graduates provide receipts for reflexology.

Will the CRS program qualify me to purchase practitioner malpractice & liability insurance?

YES! The program is designed to ensure the insurance industry’s criteria is met.  The school works with a few different insurance carriers and provides recommendations to students based on their needs. 

Be aware that NOT all reflexology courses are created equally, and some courses do not qualify for practitioner’s insurance coverage.