Reflexology For Families:
An Introduction To Reflexology

My mom introduced me to reflexology over thirty years ago; I had been in two rear end car accidents within a six-week period and nothing that I was trying seemed to relieve the pain, until I tried reflexology.

I was amazed by the profound impact reflexology had on my recovery and soon after enrolled in a reflexology program. My intention was to learn how to work on my family…yet when I saw the benefits they were receiving I wanted to help more people!

Fast-forward to today…

I feel blessed to share the benefits of reflexology with many clients, workplaces and reflexology diploma students. I am most excited about sharing my knowledge with you in this introductory course, so that you too can learn how to share reflexology with your own family, just like how I did.

This introductory course specifically designed for those wanting to dip their toes into learning some basic reflexology skills and are looking for natural options to help their loved ones:

  • Stay healthy
  • Reduce their stress and pain
  • Relax and improve their circulation
  • Support their immune system

This introductory reflexology course is offered on an online learning platform that includes step-by-step how to videos and is easy to access and use, anywhere, anytime allowing you to review the material as often as you want!

Reflexology For Families: An Introduction To Reflexology is designed to give you the essentials of this simple yet profound ancient therapy to start using with your family today.

This course will provide you with the basic tools including:

  • The history and theory of reflexology
  • Foot facts, conditions and precautions
  • An overview of anatomy and pysiology
  • Session tips to increase your success
  • A variety of options for providing a session including sequencing for a 60-minute session that you can use to bring comfort to your family members
  •  Step-by-step how to videos
  • And lot’s more…

Over 30 years ago I experienced the profound benefits of reflexology and immediately wanted to learn more so I could help my family, and now I am going to show you how you can help yours too!

I will be sharing the techniques I used on various family members who needed a little TLC, and in times of health challenges where I might have otherwise felt helpless, reflexology gave me a tool to bring comfort and feel useful.

I know you and your family will benefit immensely from this course and if it inspires you to continue your training as a Professional Reflexologist I’ve got you covered with our Professional Foot Reflexology Diploma Program!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What Students Are Saying About Reflexology For Families:

This is exactly what I needed before deciding whether I wanted to take on extensive training to practice reflexology as a professional. It gave me a real sense of what I might be learning and also some hands-on practice with my family to see if I could envision myself doing this full time. Thank so much!

Susan, Canada

I am so glad I dipped my toe in to study the basics of reflexology. The content was easy to understand and the videos clearly showed me what to do step-by-step. I am thrilled that I have some awesome self-help skills for me and my family, especially now!

Pat, Canada

Extremely good info. Videos very easy to follow.  Excited to try this on my daughters. 

Val, USA

Just what I needed for my family. Well organized, highly valuable info. Love the videos.

Nancy, Canada

Questions Others Have Asked Before Grabbing Their Access

When can I start?

RIGHT NOW! Once you purchase the course you get immediate access to the material and can start right away!

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access to this program for 3 months. During this time you can move through the entire program with ease, as well as go back and review all those areas that will help build your skills and confidence.

Can I share access to this course with my family and friends etc.?

NO! Shared Access is strictly PROHIBITED. If our software detects shared access you will be denied further access to the material and no refund will be provided.

I ask that you respect and honour the hours of work that has gone into creating this course to provide families a simple yet powerful tool to enhance their health.

What’s your refund policy?

As soon as you purchase Reflexology For Families: An Introduction To Reflexology, you get immediate access to the course and for that reason we do not provide a refund.


Reflexology For Families:
An Introduction To Reflexology

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About Your Instructor

Alison Rippin, BPE, CR
Certified Reflexologist

Hi! I’m Alison Rippin, reflexologist, teacher and school owner. I love sharing the benefits of reflexology! I have been involved with reflexology for over 30 years and am the owner of the Canadian Reflexology School. I also have a degree in kinesiology, and it was during the completion of my degree when I was “accidentally” introduced to the profound benefits of reflexology. I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of national and international practitioners in the steps to becoming a more successful reflexologist through our foot , ear and hand reflexology courses and my business mentorship programs. The delivery of education requires out of the box thinking and I am so excited to bring our programs to a wider audience through our online learning platform that will allow reflexology to get into the hands of more people – like you!