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The hands tell a different story, let me share it with you!

Shortly after I became a foot reflexologist 25 years ago, I had the opportunity to add Hand Reflexology to my toolkit. At first, I didn’t think hands were that different from feet, but soon discovered the hands had their own powerful story to tell!

Take a moment to think of what you’ve done or given with your hands, and then take a moment to notice how your hands take in the world through touch and what you’ve received with your hands…it would be difficult to imagine a world without hands.

Hand Reflexology is a dynamic way to work on your clients anywhere, anytime and easily provide self-help acu-points to further empower your clients in between sessions.

It’s a perfect adjunct to any therapy and a powerful additional skill for reflexologists, health care practitioners, nurses, aestheticians, or massage therapists. Hand reflexology is a simple, effective and safe therapy that anyone can learn.

Learning hand reflexology will provided you with an important foundation that will be vital to your success as a reflexologist. It allows you to deepen your reflexology knowledge and will enable you to offer a full range reflexology experience to your clients.

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Read what some of superstar students have said about their experience with the CRS Hand Reflexology course:

I am very happy I took this course, it will absolutely take my practice to the next level.  I have fallen in love with Reflexology all over again.

Catherine Patterson, Canada

 This course is very professional and well laid out.  I liked having my own time to go through the material on my schedule.

Carolyn Blandford, Canada

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