Lecture In A Box

by Alison Rippin

Introducing a proven done-for-you lecture script and how-to guide that
will increase exposure of your business and attract more clients.

Are you ready to grow your practice?

When your clients get amazing results with reflexology, you want to tell everyone about them and those results.

So you start talking to people one-by-one

… at the grocery store
… at the playground
… at yoga class
… and wherever you encounter people in your day

You discover not everyone has heard about reflexology!

When you talk to them you hope they’ll book a session; sometimes they do and often they don’t.

You may be wondering to yourself “how can I get more clients and help more people?” You may even be wishing that more people knew about the benefits of reflexology so it would be easier to book sessions and grow your practice.

I totally get it! This is how I felt when I first started practicing over 25 years ago!

Then I decided to start lecturing, I had no clue what I was doing but I miraculously got a gig at a local recreation center! I was given 30 minutes to tell them all about reflexology … oh! What was I going to talk about – for 30 minutes?! Have you ever felt that way?

Well, I pulled it off and a few people even approached me after the lecture to inquire about booking a session!

This first successful experience is how lecturing became one of the key strategies that I used to grow my business and build my clientele.

One lecture turned into another and another and soon I was lecturing somewhere every week!

What I also noticed was that the people attending my lectures were genuinely interested in their health and reflexology. I was able to intentionally educate more people in less time than by having a random conversation or two with someone in the grocery store.

My ideal clients were all gathered in one place and were incredibly receptive when I ended my lecture with an offer to book a reflexology session. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was really onto something!

In addition to growing my practice, I was also filling a need by educating my community about the benefits of reflexology and increasing the credibility of the reflexology industry at large, which led me to speak to hospital staff, insurance companies, and local media.

When we say ‘yes!’ to even those opportunities that create a level of intimidation because of their novelty, we can truly reap the rewards in multiple ways!

I have seen countless requests from reflexologists looking for suggestions or help with an upcoming opportunity to lecture about reflexology and are overwhelmed with figuring out what exactly to say. This may be you too.

Or maybe you feel nervous about the idea of speaking to a group of people, I totally get it.

I Want You To Know I Hear You!

What I know is the fastest way to build your confidence is to show you how – just like when you learnt reflexology; you had a teacher who showed you the foot sequence and guided you through the foundations for you to start working on your case studies.

AND remember how nervous you were the first few times you worked on someone? Then you remembered to follow the system and allowed it to guide you to give an amazing session!

What if I told you I can provide you with step-by-step instructions AND a proven lecture script with exactly what to say, including tips on how to book sessions at the end of the lecture?

Was that a sigh of relief I heard?

I designed LECTURE IN A BOX for you.
Yes, for YOU!

It’s a tried and tested system that will increase the exposure of your business and attract more clients!

I have taken all the guesswork out of presentations by providing you with a How-To Guide that will build your confidence and a proven script of exactly what to say, you could literally print and read it, really…

Just like Kyla did:

Here’s some of the benefits of growing your business with


An opportunity for you to promote and grow your business


Increased visibility in your community with FREE exposure


A platform for educating the public about reflexology


Generate revenue through booking appointments


Showcase yourself as an expert in your field


Credibility for the reflexology profession


Lecture In A Box


$147 CDN

What’s included When You Purchase LECTURE IN A BOX

1. A Complete Script For A 30-Minute Lecture

      • Print the lecture cards and read it directly word for word!
      • Complete explanation of the lecture script
      • How to mark your script for pacing and timing
      • Modify it for shorter lectures

2. A Comprehensive “HOW-TO” Step-By-Step Plan


      • Why you need to lecture
      • How to find an audience
      • What to cover in a lecture
      • How to deliver your lecture
      • Supplies and what to handout
      • Sample lecture titles and descriptions
      • How to lecture to various learning styles
      • Fee or free options
      • Handling questions
      • How to get business from a lecture
      • … and much more!

Each section is broken down into small bite-size pieces that will build your confidence as you add this powerful business tool to your toolkit!

Following the step-by-step instructions in this guide will have you feeling fully prepared to integrate lecturing into your promotional toolkit and have a way to book clients easily.


      • Visual Aids to use during your lecture
      • A Foam Foot pattern
      • Checklists


      • A sixty-minute Recorded Q & A Strategy session


      • LECTURE IN A BOX will be hosted on our online learning platform
      • Easily print off the content and lecture
      • Three month access to the product

SHARED ACCESS is strictly prohibited

As soon as you purchase LECTURE IN A BOX you get immediate access to the product.

It’s so simple, it’s so easy … read the “How-To” Guide, print your lecture cards, and start scheduling your lectures!


Lecture In A Box


$147 CDN

Here’s What Reflexologists Have Said About Lecture In A Box

After hearing Alison present this very valuable tool, I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough.  I have been looking for something like this for a while.  This product is detailed, well presented and easy to follow.  This is a MUST have for anyone looking to promote and grow their business. Thank you Alison for your awesome work!

Giovanna, Canada

Very thorough, everything needed to go forth and conquer the world (well, my little corner of it) and increase my business while educating people on the benefits of reflexology. It is very easy to follow.  I appreciated the side notes explaining the why’s and wherefores.  Definitely would recommend it!

Christy, Canada

There is not much available in the Reflexology professional realm on “how-to” successfully prepare to lecture. Alison Rippin has done an excellent job making this information available to us! It is a concise, valuable how-to-lecture course. All that is missing here is the shoulder bag to carry to your next lecture.  Thank you!

Tanya, USA

The valuable information you have detailed in this course has given me the confidence to progress to deliver to corporate organisations.  Thank you for the thorough content, Alison.

Deborah, Australia

This a wonderful course to gain confidence and have powerful knowledge to get yourself right out there to spread the word about reflexology and its benefits! It is so well put together and I feel everything is well covered!!!

Ann, Ireland

Burning Questions Your Fellow Reflexologists Asked Before Grabbing Their Access

When can I start?

RIGHT NOW! Once you purchase LECTURE IN A BOX you get immediate access to the material and can start right away!

How long will it take to go through the material?

Each person processes material differently. I estimated 5 hours to read the How-To Guide and put in place any strategies presented. Each section is broken down into small bite size pieces that will build your confidence as you add this powerful business tool to your promotional toolkit!

The Lecture Cards can easily be printed off and used immediately.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access to this online product for 3 months. You will be able to print the Lecture Cards and How-To Guide.

I’m a busy person, I am not sure I have time right now?

We created this product to be flexible and convenient and you will have access to the material for 3 months!

You can feel rest assured that when you are ready to begin lecturing (or unexpectedly called upon to lecture) that you will have everything you need to be successful.

The content is delivered in bite-size pieces and you can revisit and review the material as often as you want over the next 3 months.

Quite honestly, we need you, and hope you will find time to spread the message of reflexology in your community. To grow as a therapy more people need to know about reflexology. By lecturing, you will be a part of a collective global movement of reflexologists who are ready to increase the awareness of reflexology and help reach people who may have never known the benefits of reflexology!

Do I need access to the internet?

Yes! The content is hosted on our online learning platform where you will need to login to access the information.

Can I print the material?

Yes! And, it’s the first thing I recommend you do! You’re definitely going to want to print the Lecture Cards; we provide professional printing instructions to have you and your materials looking like a professional, every step of the way.

Can I share access to this product with my colleagues etc.?

NO! Shared Access is strictly PROHIBITED. If our software detects shared access you will be denied further access to the material and no refund will be provided.

I ask that you respect and honour the hours of work that has gone into creating this product to help further promote reflexology worldwide while growing your business.

What's your refund policy?

As soon as you purchase LECTURE IN A BOX you get immediate access to the product and can print for your use, for that reason we do not provide a refund.

With LECTURE IN A BOX I have taken all the guesswork out of presentations by providing a script of what to say and how to say it.

It’s easy and all you have to do is put it into action … today!

I’m excited to share with you this powerful tool that helped grow my business exponentially!

$147 CDN

Hi! I’m Alison Rippin, reflexologist, teacher, school owner and business strategist. For over 25 years I have followed my passion, having a successful private practice, an onsite corporate reflexology team, as well as teaching and operating my own Reflexology school, the Canadian Reflexology School.

 Lecturing became one of the key strategies that I used to grow my business and build my clientele. In addition to growing my practice, I was educating my community about the benefits of reflexology and increasing the credibility of the reflexology industry, which led me to speak to hospital staff, insurance companies, and local media.

I now have over 75 lectures to my credit and have facilitated over 100 workshops.  I’ve been a repeat guest on local radio stations and have appeared on local television; in addition, two of my lectures were taped and televised for more than a year as part of a Holistic Health Show Television Series!

I also have the pleasure of lecturing and leading business workshops at national and international reflexology conferences and wellness events that have included:

    • Reflexology Association of American National Conference, in-person and online
    • International Council for Reflexologists International Conference, in-person and online
    • Natural Healthcare Practitioners of Canada
    • The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Conference
    • North Dakota Reflexology Association
    • Vancouver Island Health Authority
    • Numerous online Reflexology events, presentations, and workshops

My powerful and comprehensive body of work also includes writing foot, hand, and ear reflexology curriculum manuals and courses, various empowering business tools and programs, and I continue to write highly relevant and valuable industry content. In addition, I have had the honour of teaching and mentoring over 1500 national and international practitioners from 20 countries.

I’m excited to hear about the positive impact you will have in your community, and in your practice when you add lecturing to your offerings!


Lecture In A Box


$147 CDN