Alison Rippin Introduces

The At-Home Reflexology Experience:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Offering Online Sessions

A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to provide online reflexology sessions, at a time when it’s needed most.

The At-Home Reflexology Experience is the only step-by-step guide that delivers a proven framework for reflexologists to offer online sessions and help their clients, now. 

Before I Tell You All About This Revolutionary Guide,
Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

You’re a reflexology practitioner with a big heart.  You miss seeing your clients, and you know your gift could help your clients during these challenging times. You’re tired of the roller coaster ride the past year has brought. And now, you’re ready to build a business that allows you to impact more lives, have a steady income stream and work whenever, and however you want.

Whether you are…


a practitioner in lock down and unable to physically see your clients and tired of not being able to help your clients


a practitioner whose income has been affected by the roller coaster of opening and closing their practice and now wants more income options


a practitioner whose clients are immunocompromised and unable to attend in-person sessions


a practitioner concerned about your own health or those you live with and choose to not offer physical in-person sessions


a mobile practitioner who is unable to practice due to restrictions


a practitioner who has clients who are overwhelmed with their additional responsibilities and are feeling short on time to get to your office

Well, you’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how the At-Home Reflexology Experience Guide will give you the tools, inspiration and know how allowing you to create an amazing online reflexology session offering that will revolutionize your practice.

By the end of this Guide,
you will have:


Moved your business forward, on your terms, with a new session offering (no more concern about how to serve your clients during these challenging times)


A crystal clear vision of who you can help and why now is the time to offer online sessions


Announced your new offering to your existing clients so your clients are ready to book the minute you open your online session doors


Crafted your session title and description that will help convert inquiries into sessions (samples included in the guide)


Implemented your client booking sequence to make the process easy for you and your client


Prepared your technology set up like a pro (even if you are not tech savvy)


Practiced your online reflexology session script and are ready to go

Alison has a different way of looking at things and gives amazing business tips and tricks!
Especially during the pandemic.

Sarah Szwakob, Canada

The At-Home Reflexology Experience Guide

Exclusive Introductory Offer Is Only



Here’s What Reflexologists Have Said
About the Programs And Products I Offer

With the encouragement and support I needed, in the beginning and NOW during the pandemic, Alison’s advice was constructive, doable, and helped me start my practice. Her strategies are practical and easy to follow. She has helped me gain new clients and build up my business.

Her courses are excellent, simple to follow and with concise explanations. Through Alison’s encouragement I have found the courage to get out there. Thank you so much Alison for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Fiona Farrugio, Malta

After hearing Alison present this very valuable tool, I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough.  I have been looking for something like this for a while. Her Lecture In A Box product is detailed, well presented and easy to follow.  This is a MUST have for anyone looking to promote and grow their business. Thank you Alison for your awesome work!

Giovanna Daniele, Canada

I totally enjoyed the hand reflexology online training! Alison has provided an awesome platform filled with a wealth of knowledge that is well laid out and structured. I just love how easy Alison makes the learning process with step-by-step modules.

Nancy Rudnick, USA

I came across Alison’s ear reflexology course by accident – and it turned out to be a happy discovery. I am already helping clients remotely… the people who have tried it are really impressed and really relaxed.  Alison is a fantastic tutor, the multimedia presentations and the workbook are excellent.  A professional course for professional reflexologists.

Izabel Carter, UK

What You Get When You Purchase The
At-Home Reflexology Experience Guide

(A value of $297)

This comprehensive Guide includes 5 Core Steps:

Step 1

  • Learn 15 reasons to offer online reflexology sessions
  • Find out why offering online sessions are essential to your practice
  • Uncover the opportunity the pandemic has provided for businesses, including reflexologists

Step 2

  • Discover who you can offer online session to
  • Use Done For You promotional materials including session announcements, session titles and descriptions
  • Map out your session fees
  • Learn a simple booking and confirmation sequence
  • Find out how to easily implement a cancellation policy
  • Explore your scheduling options

Step 3

  • Learn where to offer your online sessions
  • Implement practitioner and client set up tips

Step 4

  • Map out your technology requirements
  • Learn 3 key items to make online sessions effortless

Step 5

  • Learn what to cover in your session
  • Discover pre-session and post session strategies
  • Know what supplies a client and practitioner need
  • Use an easy to follow word for word Foot Reflexology Online Session Script that will get you back in front of your clients (video included)

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Leverage Your Learning

Bonus 1

  • Learn an additional Step-by-Step Hand Reflexology Online Session Script that your clients will love (video included)
    (A value of $297)

Bonus 2

  • Use my Done For You Session Booking and Preparation Email Sequence
    (A value of $47)

Bonus 3

  • Recorded Q & A Strategy Session
    (A value of $247)

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $888.

I am being called to support reflexologists worldwide who are ready to revolutionize the industry and make a bigger impact with reflexology. This guide has been designed to help YOU navigate this new landscape and will transform the way you work with your clients and provide ways to continue to be of service to our clients. Your clients need you.

This is the first time my framework has been publicly available and I am offering you an opportunity to purchase the At-Home Reflexology Experience Guide TODAY at a one-time special price of only…

Burning Questions Your Fellow Reflexologists Asked Before Grabbing Their Access

Reflexology is a hands-on therapy are you sure this will work?

Absolutely! Let me ask you, whose hands have to touch the client’s feet or hands for benefits to be received?  I believe a client can receive powerful benefits from a professionally guided self-help session; I’ve seen incredible benefits with my own clients and those of my students.

 And, while I wholeheartedly agree an in-person session is awesome, I invite you to embrace a new forward focused and expanded approach; an online reflexology session is not a replacement, it’s an option. If you have to call and cancel your clients due to restrictions or a lockdown, or your client doesn’t feel safe to have an in-person session, you now have the choice to offer an online session and can continue to be of service!

Remember many of the early reflexology pioneers encouraged their clients to work on themselves, now we luckily have the use of technology on our side!

Will the client receive any benefits without me touching them?

Yes! I have seen positive results occur right as the session is happening. A few examples include, neck pain relieved, stress reduction, feeling calmer/relaxed, deeper breathing, and hot flashes decreasing.

Is an online reflexology session the same as a distance reflexology session?

No! During an online reflexology session, you are guiding your client step-by-step while they work on themselves; it’s not an energy-based distance session.

How long will it take to go through the material?

Each person processes material differently. I estimated 2-4 hours to read the How-To Guide and put in place any strategies presented. Each section is broken down into small bite size pieces that will build your confidence as you add this powerful reflexology method to your service offerings!

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access to this online product for 3 months and you will be able to print the How-To Guide. Your clients need you now, so let’s get going!

Do I need to be tech savvy to offer Online Sessions?

No! In the Technology Requirements section, I share the 3 key items you will need to easily get you up and running as well as strategies to get comfortable with your new skills.

Can I print the material?

Yes! And you’re definitely going to want to print the guide as we have a step-by-step session script you can use to start working with clients right now.

Can I share access to this product with my colleagues, etc.?

NO! Shared Access is strictly PROHIBITED. If our software detects shared access you will be denied further access to the material and no refund will be provided.

I ask that you respect and honor the hours of work and effort that has gone into creating this innovative guide designed to help reflexologists worldwide continue to generate revenue while sharing the benefits of reflexology, during these challenging times.

What is your refund policy?

As soon as you purchase The At-Home Reflexology Experience: A Step-By-Step Guide to Offering Online Sessions, you get immediate access to the product and can print for your use, for that reason we do not provide a refund.


The At-Home Reflexology Experience:
A Step-By-Step Guide To Offering Online Sessions


Hi! I’m Alison Rippin, reflexologist, teacher, school owner and business strategist! I specialize in supporting reflexologists worldwide to make a bigger impact doing the work they love, through innovative programs and products.

I’m personally excited to hear about the impact you’ll have in your practice, and the world, by offering online reflexology sessions!

In April 2020 I was teaching our online Hand Reflexology Course to reflexologists from all over the world, little did I know our weekly gatherings would become a lifeline to many reflexologists who were worried about their practices, their clients and their future as reflexologists.

My heart was breaking for all the practitioners that had no idea when or if they could work with their clients again.

My own practice was closed and the requirements for me to reopen has made it impossible for me to see my clients; the roller coast ride is real. I get it! I knew I needed to find another way for reflexologists to provide the much-needed help to their clients.

After nearly 12 months of working with this model, seeing the success and relief it provided to practitioners and clients I knew it was an amazing new reflexology method we were pioneering.

At the urging of my students I created a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to revolution your practice with this new method of reflexology – online reflexology sessions.

Never before has there been a step-by-step guide that provides a proven framework for reflexologists to use. Online Reflexology (the At-Home Reflexology Experience) is another type of reflexology, just like ear reflexology, hand reflexology or any other reflexology specialty. I am excited to pioneer this method at a time when it’s needed the most!

With the nervous system of the entire planet on high alert, it’s clear that the work you do as reflexologist is needed more now than ever before.

Reflexologists are being called to rise and do their greatest work ever on a global level and help the people heal; heal from the stress, anxiety, isolation and everything in between.

It’s time to be adaptable, creative and forward focused.

I look forward to forging a new future for reflexology together!

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